• Lehrbuch  (ISBN: 978-960-6710-93-3)
  • Luftballons 2 focuses on learning with the assistance of pictures. Optical contrasts get the attention and interest of the student. Again, the topics/ subjects of the chapters were carefully and methodically selected, considering the age of the learning group. Gravity is given to the humorous scripts and the funny sketches. The amusing oppositions the students meet in the book, motivates them to study, express themselves and have fun with learning at the same time.
  • The course book Luftballons 2 consists of 8 chapters with familiar topics/subjects taken from the everyday life of the children. Based on those everyday topics, the students have the opportunity to link them with their own personal experiences and reflect in them. That promotes the involvement of the students in class, now that they want to share their own experiences. They get that way strongly motivated to participate, and at hand of that, the learning process is also further developed. Center points of the course book are the student, the creativity and of course, having fun with learning German.
    Every single chapter has a clear and united structure, which binds verbally and in written form the speaking activities, such as reception, production, interaction and meditation together.The concept of the book enables diversity in the language process on the A1 learning level of the German language and creates a productive learning atmosphere. It gives dynamic to the class and captivates the interest while learning.
  • Luftballons 2 consists of the following: student’s book, workbook, word issue, teacher’s manual, 1 CD and learning process control issue. 
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