Mini DaF 1

Mini DaF 1

Level: Junior A

Target group: Children aged 9 and upwards

The student's book consists of 10 chapters. The book is visually appealing with lush, enjoyable and lively illustrations. The book themes respond to the interests and needs of the students, their life experiences and their day-to-day routines, creating a pleasant and suitable climate, which affects their inner world in a positive manner. Thus, the book encourages studying and effortlessly leads the students to learning.

 A methodological peculiarity of this book is the introduction to each new theme with a song, which includes all the basic vocabulary of the new chapter. This focuses the attention of students on the song, raises their interest, and thus effortlessly introduces them to the lesson.

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MINI DaF 1 Lehrbuch

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MINI DaF 1 Arbeitsbuch

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Mini DaF 1 Lernzielkontrollen

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Mini DaF 1 Lehrerhandbuch

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Mini DaF 1 CD

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